The World’s Most Trusted Home Lifts Powered By Air!

With its minimal footprint, modern design and innovative technology, Vacuum Elevators go where other home lifts simply cannot. Optimizing space inside your home, these self- supporting lifts simply rest on the existing ground floor, offering more flexibility of installation with each home elevator produced able to travel 2- 5 stops or 15 meters in total rise.

Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, these eco-friendly lifts smoothly move between floors by air suction and gravity. Requiring less energy and maintenance when compared to traditional home elevators, these plug & play lifts are available in three models with each elevator custom built to the heights of the residence.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC has remained the global leader in the use of air to lift people. Since founded in 2002, PVE has continued to manufacture globally certified home elevators that meet the strictest quality and safety standards.

Partnered with authorized distributors across the globe, PVE ensures all end users the best quality of installation and service for their residential lifts.

About PVE

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

With three models to choose from, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger wheelchair-accessible model,
there is a home lift solution to meet any customers project & needs.

Single Passenger Home Elevator Home Elevator PVE 30

Single Passenger Residential Lift

Two Passenger Home Elevator Home Elevator PVE 37

Two Passenger Residential Lift

Three Passenger Home Elevator Home Elevator PVE 52

Three Passenger Residential Lift with
Wheelchair Accessibility

Why PVE Home Elevators are the best?

Easy to install

Offering a quick installation, these home lifts simply rest on the existing ground floor with residential projects being completed in as little as 2-3 days.

Minimal maintenance

With no harmful oils, gases or lubricants utilize for operation, these residential lifts require minimal maintenance & nominal energy consumption which saves you time and money.

Absolute safety

Home Lifts globally certified by LiftInstituut, meeting American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) safety standards, with over 20,000+ successful installations worldwide in over 90+ countries.

Space-saving lift

Occupying less space than traditional elevators, these residential lifts offer more flexibility of installation making them a versatile solution that fits in even the tightest of locations.

Self supporting Elevator

Without requiring a pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room, these Residential Lifts combine a vertical cylinder and fully enclosed cabin which smoothly travels between floors.

3 home lift models

With three different sizes available, including a wheelchair accessible model, these residential lifts are custom built to the height of each home while traveling up to 5 stops or 15 meters in total rise.

Pneumatic Technology

Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, these innovative home lifts are environmentally friendly solutions that operate using vacuum suction and gravity.

Panoramic Design

Utilizing a unique, circular design, these panoramic elevators offer 360° degree views while traveling and are a beautiful addition that will enhance the interior design of any home.

Home Elevator Industry Awards Winner

As Presented by Elevator World, Inc.

Residential Elevators by PVE was the Sole Residential Elevator Manufacturer Nominated & Awarded for this Prestigious Prize 3 Years in a Row.

Ellies Award - 2020
Best Supplier - Complete Elevator Systems (2020)


Ellies Award - 2019
Best Supplier – Complete Elevator Systems (2019)


Ellies Award - 2018
Best Supplier – Complete Elevator Systems (2018)



Features of PVE Home Elevators

1-3 Passengers / Wheelchair Accessible Model

360° Visibility

No Pre-Construction Pit, Hoist Way or Machine Room Required

Installation in 2–3 Days

Powered by the Most Abundant Resource in the World… AIR!

Serving over 90+ countries globally

PVE’s Vacuum Elevators Are Globally Certified With Installations Across 90+ Countries Including US, UK, India, Europe, Africa & Asia.







Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators: Manufacturing Fully Certified Home Lifts For Use Worldwide

Industry Outlook 2021 | 5 mins read

As an innovative, technology-driven company specializing in pneumatic elevators, PVE’s manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India is proud to produce fully certified, safe & reliable home lifts for use worldwide. As the original pioneers of the Vacuum Elevator, PVE’s 20+ years of experience in the elevator industry has delivered over 20,000+ successful installation worldwide over 90+ countries globally. With international operations in North America, South America & Europe, PVE has customers and authorized distributors across the globe to ensure all customers receive the highest quality product and service for their home lift.

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